Sending emails from Gmail

Integrating with Gmail

Send emails from your [email protected] email address from your gmail account. If you also have a forwarder set, you’ll rarely ever need to login to the webmail home for sending or receiving emails from your email accounts.


The first step is to open the gmail settings. Click the gear icon at the top right.



Now select the tab Accounts and Import, then click Add another email address.



In the small window that pops up, start by entering the name you want to be shown for this account. Other people will see this name. Then enter your [email protected] email address. Keep the box checked to treat this email as an alias.



Fill out the next form as follows:

SMTP Server:
Username: [email protected]

Password: your webmail password
Port: 465
Secure connection using SSL


You’re all set. Now try composing an email and clicking the from field to change your email address.


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