How do you keep your website costs so cheap? Including emails and everything?

Yeah that’s a good question, really it's that other sitebuilders aren’t being honest about their costs. We could charge more, but with our technology we’ve got the option not to. So out of belief that the internet should be accessible, it makes sense to only charge what’s necessary.

What do you have set up for site protection from anyone who might try to steal payment information?

For our site, and for every site we provide, we’ve got an SSL certificate (shown by the lock at the top of your browser). It means all your traffic is encrypted so even people on the local wifi can’t see what you’re browsing/filling out. All of this is behind a dense firewall that makes it difficult for bots to attack any Sundream sites. On top of that, payment information never even touches our server, so there’s very little somebody could expose if they did manage to hack into our servers.

We do more but it can get a little technical. Namely we use a reverse proxy, which can make it a moving target for any bad actors by obscuring the details of our server architecture.

How does the email work? Does it set up an new inbox or do you link it to one you already have?

It’s up to you how much linking or separation you want.

You get your own inbox - if you want to receive the emails to your own inbox we create a forwarder for you; if you want to be able to send emails from a separate inbox (e.g. sending Sundream emails from your gmail inbox) we have a support article on how to get that setup.

Are you working on more designs?


Are you adding an e-commerce option?

It's not on our short-term list, but if it's something you’d be really interested let us know and we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Who started Sundream?

Hey, we’re Nick and Nathan. We’ve been designing and developing websites for collectively nearly a decade now, and we’re currently working full-time on Sundream. We're kinda dedicated to making companies together for life.

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