Have you seen an ad for a website host or builder promising to help you build your dreams?

We hope you don’t know from first hand experience, but more often than not the cost of your dream is being drastically inflated.

The things you need are overpriced. The things you don’t need are pushed on you with scare tactics. Your only options tend to be long contracts, and your reward for such loyalty is a price hike. Frankly, as entrepreneurs, we’re personally offended.

Here’s our offer to you:

Everything you need, one simple package, low price, pay as you go.

SSL Certificate
5 Email Accounts

Oh - and we sell domains, at cost.

Find yours here.

Tech Questions Answered

How’s the hosting?

We have a 99.9% uptime commitment with our servers optimized for Wordpress to run blazing fast. Our servers use solid state drives with a redundant delivery network. Each Wordpress installation is partitioned 1GB of RAM so you're not sacrificing speed if you're getting lots of traffic.

What kind of SSL?

All Sundream sites come with a 256-bit TLS 1.3 certificate. This will mark your site as secure, giving your visitors comfort and giving Google another reason to put you at the top. If you happen to be a large-scale ecommerce platform, it may be worth purchasing a different certificate (which we can help with, just reach out to support) but otherwise, this is all you'll need.

What's the email client?

Have up to 5 active email accounts @yourdomain included at no extra charge through webmail. You can forward these emails to other email accounts if you like.

Why Wordpress?

Wordpress.org is the most versatile free solution for building your own website. With the right template and plugins, you can build almost anything without too much trouble.

Need Wordpress help?

From setup, to sliders, to SEO, we’ve got you covered.

Book an expert for just $30/hour

We’re grateful for every single person who chooses to work with us

Sundream made the process seamless. I would recommend them for a project in a heartbeat.

Ryan Scribner
Ryan Scribner
CEO, Scribner Media

After some recurring website issues I contacted Sundream Studio. They were very supportive and understanding - Before I returned home, the issues were fixed!

Ulysses Dinkins
Ulysses Dinkins
VP, UCHardchip

Just one more thing, between you and us

We’re working on our own sitebuilder and it’s almost ready for testing. Would you like us to keep you up to date?

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